National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
August 4, 2017

National Chocolate Chip Day

We’d like to think this day was invented just for us. Why? It’s the perfect day to enjoy our...

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Cookies by Design DIY The 5 Best Staycations EVER
July 19, 2017

The 5 Best Staycations Ever

Summer equals relaxation and vacation; but, since we can’t (always) live like our favorite...

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June 29, 2017

Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Sweepstakes

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="aligncenter" width="507"] Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka &...

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Cookies BY Design 7 Meaningful House Warming Gifts You Haven't Given Before
June 22, 2017

Coming Home: 7 Meaningful Housewarming Gifts

Ahhh, Summer! This sun-kissed, party-by-the-pool season is rife with vacations, lazy days,...

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Cookies by Design has your perfect Father's Day gift like our Father' Day Build A Bear shown here.
June 15, 2017

Your Father’s Day Gifting Solution

Having a hard time shopping for dear ol’ Dad? Give him more than the usual gift card or pair of...

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