Tips for Decorating Easter Cookies with Your Children

Easter is just around the corner! With spring break approaching, moms are looking for activities to spark their children’s creativity. This is a perfect opportunity to decorate Easter cookies, have fun with the little ones, and enjoy endless creations. Here are some tips to make original Easter cookie designs:

Prepare Frosting Bags with Different Colors

Divide the frosting into as many bowls as you want unique colors. Add food coloring to eachTips for Decorating Easter Cookies with Your Children
of the bowls:  pink, white, yellow, green and purple are beautiful colors for this holiday. Make sure to stir well so until the frosting is the desired color.

Get a frosting bag for each color you have prepared. Pour the  frosting into the bags. Use different frosting tips on the bags for fun designs!

Get Creative

Tips for Decorating Easter Cookies with Your Children  To decorate an Easter egg cookie, make a line with your favorite frosting color. Then, add a small amount of milk to the frosting color you chose to make it thinner, and mix well. With this thinner frosting, you can make an awesome background for your cookie. Start spreading the thinner frosting out toward the top of your cookie with a small spatula.

Repeat this technique with different colors making up to five colors per cookie. The fun is all yours!

Let the Kids Decorate

Let your kids decorate all kinds of cookie shapes and sizes. You can even make a cookie for every member of the family with their name on them. The kids will love getting creative with their cookies this Easter!

These are a few tips to get you started for cookie decorating this Easter.  Cookies by Design also has a decorating kit with the frosting bags and cookies ready to be decorated!


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