What to Know about Cookies by Design’s Corporate Gift Program

What to Know about Cookies by Design’s Corporate Gift Program

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Cookies by Design offers a variety of opportunities for giving cookies as sweet gifts! One of the great services is our Corporate Gift Program. The program is designed to make corporate gifting easy and unique. This is great for clients who need to place multiple orders that are delivered to different addresses and need custom design orders repeatedly over time. So what does this program have to offer?

Outstanding Customer Service

  • No matter how many orders you purchase, our gift specialists will be able to handle all details and recommendations to ensure the gift is just right and within your budget
  • Orders can be placed by email, phone, or online for your convenience
  • Discounts may be offered for certain amounts on orders

Personalized Products

What to Know about Cookies by Design’s Corporate Gift Program

Health Care Appreciation

  • Our products are unique gifts that can be personalized to any recipient featuring the logo, mascot, or any icon that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and associates
  • Choose from the bouquets listed under corporate gifts such as “Celebrating Excellence,” “Top Sales Cookie Cake,” and “Many Thanks with Custom Logo” or any others on our site
  • Purchase individual bouquets or packages

Hassle-Free Gift Giving

  • Available reminder service to remind you of employee birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones
  • List management service allows us to coordinate gifting needs for orders in a specific time period

Local Gift Giving

  • Available location services that serve a particular city or market

Get in the spirit of giving and impress your clients and employees with these great unique gifts. It’s simple, easy, and fun!

Visit our site to sign up for our Corporate Gift Program!

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