September 25, 2012

3 Birthday Cake Alternatives That Will Make You Drool

Who needs birthday cake? You have it every year and for some, the candles represent just another year to add to your age.  Why not try these 3 scrumptious new “birthday cakes”?

1. Cookie Cake

For those who are daring and always want to try new things, Cookies By Design has what’s right for your special birthday.  Our cookies cakes are decorated to fit any party and are perfect to replace that old and traditional birthday cake.   The cookie cake is a great way to ease those who are hesitant to leave and forget birthday cake.  We also have same-day delivery for those last minute ideas.



2. Cookie Decorating Kit

Even though children might be more hesitant to swap their cake for cookies, our cookie decorating kit is a fun way to get your child’s friends to feel like it’s their birthday too.  Children can take their cookie favor home and show off their hand-decorating skills!  The kit works as entertainment and as a delicious alternative to birthday cake.



3. Cookie Baskets or Bouquets


As a third choice, we have cookie baskets for larger parties and cookie themed bouquets for more close-knit gatherings.



Both are decorated for any age and party theme.  From birthday candle cookies to over the hill, we have every cookie that could fit your theme and loved one.







Birthdays come once a year, and when they do it ranges from renting out a venue to just a small party with your closest family and friends. They’re important times when you’re young and want to be forgotten when you’re past your prime.  Either way, they celebrate another year and another chance to live your life.

Let Cookies By Design help to celebrate your loved one and creating new traditions on their special day!

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