April 18, 2014

Easter Cookie Hunt

Easter Cookie Hunt

A favorite pastime during Easter season is the egg hunt, sending children in search of decorated eggs and treats that have been hidden away for them to discover. This Easter, mix it up a bit with one of our Easter gift ideas that will delight both kids and adults.

Let the Hunt Begin

Our Kids Easter Egg Hunt cookie combination features a minimum of three, and up to a dozen, of our Easter-adorned sugar cookies, arriving in a container of your choice for the holiday. Each of these Easter cookies is baked fresh from brown sugar and cinnamon cookie dough, then hand-decorated with charming images. This could be the grand prize for whomever discovers the hardest-to-find egg.

Easter Cookie Bouquet

Gluten-Free Easter Bunny

For parents who want to ensure their kids are only enjoying gluten-free Easter treats, we have a gift from the Easter Bunny that will do the trick. The cookies in our Gluten-Free Easter Patchwork Bunnies Bouquet are made of gluten-free cookie dough, but taste as good as our original cookies. They’re baked fresh at every location, so they’re sweet and good for you, too.

Gluten-Free Easter Cookie Bouquet

Religious Easter Bouquet

Some families will want to share a special message with their children this Easter about the religious significance of the holiday. Our Blessed Easter cookie bouquet is just the thing to help share a spiritual Easter gift with kids and adults who find meaning behind the stories of its origin. You can select variations on the number of cookies and add any gourmet cookie extras you want to include with your gift. It’s a great way of passing along a family tradition… in cookies!

Religious Easter Cookie Bouquet

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