October 22, 2014

The nights are getting longer, the moon is getting brighter: Halloween is upon us. We’re sure you are frantic trying to decide on the perfect costume for your little one, so here’s some culinary-inspired suggestions.

The tiniest chef:

baby chefPurchase or make your own child-size apron and chef’s hat (here’s a pattern!), and celebrate your enthusiastic kitchen helper. Accessories are easily found in your very own kitchen: a mixing bowl, whisk, a bag of flour … the options are endless!

A cupcake:
Cupcake Costume
Re-purpose a laundry basket to serve as the base — some accordion-folded cardboard will create the illusion of a baking cup. Stuff some appropriately colored tights (pink for strawberry, white for vanilla, brown for chocolate) with batting to form the frosting; you can glue the puffy pieces together. Use pipe cleaners for sprinkles and some of Dad’s suspenders to hold the finished creation up, and voila! An easy and unique costume.

A walking, talking pizza party:

Pizza Costume Cover two large frisbees with white fabric, and paint to suggest the crust and tomato sauce. Your kid can help you cut out their favorite toppings from different colored felt, which you can then glue onto the frisbees are you see fit. Some pipe cleaners can make great shoulder straps.

Cookies by Design hopes your Halloween is spooky and safe and filled with as many cookies and candy as you can stomach!

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