August 26, 2014

A Touchdown for Taste: Cookies by Design is Ready for Football Season!

Where there’s fantasy football, there will be fantastic cookies. Football season has begun, and Cookies by Design is ready for all the excitement to come.

Just as you might bid on a football players for your team, you do the same with a BouTray. Have a potluck party with fellow parents from your child’s school and “bid” on fantasy cookie line-ups from various football-themed BouTrays — we carry one for all your favorite teams — customized with different players (make sure to include top picks like Colin Kaepernick as well as underdogs and lesser-known players), having all proceeds go toward the school’s extracurricular fund, or a local charity.

Here’s a few mixed-and-matched lineup suggestion to get you started:

  •  Try this QB trio: Peyton Manning from the Broncos, New Orleans’ Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay
  • Another winning combo: Adrian Peterson from theMinnesota Vikings, Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs) and Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson
  • If you want to give some love to a few rookies, best to select these gents: Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns), Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins and Buccaneer Mike Evans

Share photos of your cookie party on Instagram and tag us (@CookiesByDesign), and you could be randomly selected to win a special cookie surprise!

We bet there’s also a few budding football stars in your own home! Your kids will be excited that their sport is in season, so kick off the first Pop Warner game with a tailgate party featuring customizable, monogrammed football cookies — one for each player! Reward the kids’ great plays with a high five and one of our pigskin-shaped sugar cookies. You’ll be the most popular parent in the bleachers!

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