August 1, 2014

CALLING ALL COOKIES: It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

A cookie gift or bouquet from Cookies by Design can satisfy your sweet tooth in any season. As temperatures rise and summer is in full swing, we like turning our cookies into delectable, refreshing ice cream sandwiches. We’ve compiled some of our favorite pairings and ideas for your next pool party or beachside treat.

Campfire Cookies: S’mores Sandwiches

s'mores ice cream sandwiches

Roast marshmallow kebabs on the grill, stack with your favorite variety of chocolate (tip: try chocolate loaded with crunchy hazelnuts or almonds), and smush between two of our snickerdoodle cookies. Their graham cracker-y cinnamon punch will take you right back to summer camp.

The Polynesian Pleaser: Ginger and Macadamia Nut

Pick a high-quality ginger ice cream, preferably with added bits of chewy, candied ginger, to scoop between two of our macadamia and white chocolate cookies to add some spice to your sugary bite.

The Stack: An Easy Ice Cream Cake

Layer several cookies in a deep glass dish (feel free to mix it up). Layer ice cream of choice on top. Repeat until you reach the top of the dish, and freeze. Before serving, dollop whipped cream (and while you’re at it, a cherry) on top of each cake slice. Voila! Summer birthdays, solved.

A Candied Classic: The PB&J

PBJ Ice Cream Sandwich

Smash a jam-like ice cream, such as raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry, between two of our peanut butter cookies for a twist on the time-honored sandwich.

The Sanswich: Gluten and Dairy-free Desserts

Cookies by Design is proud to offer gluten-free cookies for those with allergies, sensitivities, or anyone looking to eliminate certain foods from their diet. For a lighter, lactose-less take on the ice cream sandwich, dollop some sorbet (we like blood orange) between two of our signature gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Your ice cream sandwich station will keep both kids and adults happy, sated, and, best of all, beating the summer heat! Check out our seasonal gift baskets, boutrays or bouquets for more inspiration — an assortment from Cookies by Design is the sweetest addition to any sunny celebration.

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