March 14, 2017

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Cookies By Design Way

St. Patrick’s Day’s origins surround a Priest’s story of service mixed with legend. According to St. Patrick he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a teen. After escaping slavery years later, St. Patrick eventually returned to Ireland to spend his life evangelizing. Over time various legends evolved about his time making him Ireland’s most well-known saint.

The present popularity of celebrating his Feast Day comes from interest generated by Irish populations outside of Ireland—especially in North America. In the United States, St. Patrick’s Day become a day to explore and appreciate Irish and Irish-American culture.

The wearing of green quickly became emblematic of the holiday as a nod to the green shamrock St. Patrick was said to have used to explain the Holy Trinity. Green now extends beyond festive clothing and party decorations to the foods and drinks enjoyed over the holiday—like our cookies! Our cookie favors (featured above) are an easy way to bring a bit of the holiday to your office, home, or favorite organization.

Whether you serve a St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bouquet, or St. Patrick’s Day BouTray, or a cheerful pile of cookie favors your party will be a hit! Our soft, sweet cookies come perfectly hand-decorated with rich, smooth icing for your gathering, especially when accompanied a St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Basket of our famous gourmet cookies.

St Patrick Day BoutraySt Patrick Day BouquetSt Patrick Day Basket

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