April 25, 2016

Candies by Design: The Next Evolution of CBD

Today on Monday, April 25, 2016, Cookies by Design is introducing a family brand titled Candies by Design with its first line of chocolate truffles! These chocolate sensations come in an array of flavors, chocolate coatings and colorful drizzles for the perfect gift this year!

With each new product and brand, Cookies by Design holds the highest standard to creating and developing the best of the best treats for pure customer satisfaction. Chocolate has been a great interest of ours for a while now! Within our cookie product line, you may be familiar with the Decadent Chocolate gourmet cookies, which is one of our top sellers. We pride ourselves in our cookie-making skills, but are also aware that more and more customers are looking for a sweet, crumble-free type of elegant dessert that will have their taste buds wanting more! So, we began developing our chocolate-making skills to combine the perfect ingredients for gourmet chocolate gifts that our customers will love!

Now, we are not the first to create, dip, or love on the truffle, but we are truly satisfied with our completed gourmet chocolates to pass it on to our chocolate-lovers across the U.S. Take a look at our chocolate truffle making process:

chocolate dipped truffle Cookies by Design first bakes a brownie ball (with whichever flavor you’ve chosen on the inside). Then, the fun part is dipping it in the chocolate to coat the moist brownie in its deliciousness!

Once you have coated the brownie in chocolate, it’s time to let it cool off and allow the chocolate time to set and begin to harden. So, we place the chocolate truffle on a baking sheet and allow it time to develop its shape. While cooling, we prepare our icing topping to be prepared for final touches!

gourmet chocolate trufflesAfter cooling, the delicious chocolate treats are ready for their topping and colorful drizzles based on which flavor they represent. And Wa-La! Now you have the melt-in-your-mouth, chocolate truffles you just can’t get enough of!

This perfect little treat is a favorable addition to any occasion or holiday gift! Treat yourself to a sweet chocolate dipped dessert from the ones who specialize in delicious dessert-making! Cookies by Design is starting off with a variety of flavors and combinations for our Candies by Design line including – peanut butter truffles dipped in milk chocolate, lemon truffles dipped in white chocolate, and toffee flavored truffles dipped in dark chocolate. The list can and will continue to go on and on with more flavors, more combinations and more satisfied taste buds! One delicious chocolate truffle just won’t be enough!

assorted chocolate truffles

Pick your flavor for yourself or to send off to someone who you know will love to try them! These truffles make a great gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and many more upcoming events. Choose your occasion, choose your chocolate truffle and join in the Candies by Design celebration with us! They are worth every bite!

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