June 22, 2017

Coming Home: 7 Meaningful Housewarming Gifts

Ahhh, Summer! This sun-kissed, party-by-the-pool season is rife with vacations, lazy days, weddings, weddings, more weddings—and moves! Whether it’s to a new apartment, home, or dorm room Summer is the season of the Housewarming Party.

Things that roll around on cue each year tend to fall into predictable patterns–like gifting habits. We can relate! We’ve purchased so many scented candles we could light your way across America and back.

We understand—after helping to clean, pack, and unpack—those good ol’ housewarming gift standbys like: scented candles, kitchy-door mats, and snarky salt-and-pepper shakers seem like the perfect gift after all. Let us help you achieve housewarming gift super-stardom with the click of a mouse. (You need all your strength for carrying shoes. Maybe, you really can have too many—maybe.)

7 (Meaningful) Housewarming Gifts

Monogram Wreaths from Cookies by Design 7 Housewarming Gifts Posts

Monogram Wreaths

No. We’re not “over” monogrammed everything yet. Monograms, like black pumps, unicorns, and the perfect pair of jeans never go out of style. Consider a monogrammed wreath—it’s a great gift because it allows your friend to proudly place his or her name on their new property in style.  Consider this the new “welcome mat.”

Personalized Mug from Cookies by Design 7 Housewamring Gifts Post

Personalized Mugs

Speaking of monograms, it’s easy to add a touch of class and charm to that first-cup-of-coffee-in-a-new-kitchen moment with monogrammed mugs. Combine your friend’s favorite color and or metallic finish with their favorite quote or that inside joke you’ve shared for years for a functional, fun gift. It’ll make everyday moments that much more special for him or her (and they’ll think of you when he or she uses it). Personalized mugs are great “gift wrap” for a delicious set of soft, chewy gourmet cookies. (We love Red Velvet cookies with White Chocolate Chips, right now.)

House Warming Bouquet by Cookies by Design

A Bouquet

We know what you’re thinking—flowers are great, but so over done! We didn’t say anything about flowers—we suggest a shareable, Instagram-able, edible bouquet—a cookie bouquet to be exact. After burning calories packing, unpacking, and cleaning it’s time for something other than a green smoothie. (We won’t tell.) Our Houses Cookie Bouquet is a great way to share a sweet treat and moment during a stressful time. Even better, like the above options, you can personalize the colors and message of the bouquet to craft a truly custom gift.


Get Rested Goody Bag from Cookies by Design 7 Housewarming Gifts Post

Get Rested Goody Bag

Stressful times require peaceful measures. After an often tedious (and tiring) move, your friends and/or family members will appreciate a chance to unwind, relax, and re-charge. Consider a nerve-calming combo of face masks, a (#monogramed) soft robe, bath bombs (Lush, anyone?), and—yes—those ubiquitous scented candles. Place the items in a fun tote bag with that book he or she’s been meaning to read and a sumptuous treat. (May we suggest rich and soft Sweet Spots.)


Cleaning Supplies

Meyers Day Cleaning Kit From Cookies by Design 7 Housewarming Gifts Post

We know—this may not seem like something someone would want to receive as a housewarming gift basket; however, if you enjoy giving practical housewarming gifts (or have a friend and/or family that prefers the practical over precious) this is one that is useful and thoughtful. Consider including items that will help keep his or her new abode clean from top to bottom: A Swiffer Wet Jet, a Swiffer Duster, a multi-tasking cleaning spray, refreshing dish detergent (we like Meyer’s Day in Basil Scent), Paper Towels, and everyone’s favorite—Febreeze—can provide very necessary home-making needs. Put everything in a sturdy bucket or storage container for a gift that’s perfectly pragmatic inside and out. Your gift needn’t be all work and play—include a bag of colorful Jelly Belly Beans and Gourmet Decadent Chocolate cookies, for some well-deserved fun after all that clean up.


Moving Survival Kit

Moving a massive amount of people and possessions? It’s handled. Save the day and bring the ultimate Get-It-Done gift:

Sweet Spots Gift Basket by CookiesbyDesign

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, a delicious blend of roasted nuts, gourmet Mini Bites, and our soft, rich Sweet Spots–everything you need for a massive move. (Well, almost everything.)



Consider purchasing a subscription for a service she or he would find helpful or fun. A floral service, personal chef, organic food CSA, Netflix, Hulu, a favorite magazine, beauty box, gaming service—the possibilities are endless!  Choose something unique to your friend or family member’s personality. Every time they receive their subscription not only will they enjoy it, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness.  Share the subscription and when it’s set to start in a card. (We’re a little biased, but we like sending a message on a thick, rich and chewy cookie cake.)

Congratulations Cookie Cake by CookiesbyDesign


Do you have special housewarming gift go-to we didn’t mention above? Share it below!

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