October 15, 2014

Franchise Spotlight: Beaverton, OR

Beaverton, Oregon was mostly known for being a pioneer town of the American car industry and for having a rich Native American history. Then, sixteen years ago, Beaverton hit another milestone: it got its first Cookies by Design. The town rejoiced. Not only would Beaverton now be home to a premiere cookie and cookie gift shop, but the franchise’s owner, Kris Wehler, would be known as the Queen of Customer Service.

Kris Wehler - Cookies by Design Beaverton, ORWe spoke to Kris about her approach to customer satisfaction. She told us that a perfect day at the shop is when everyone works together seamlessly, without error, and production is high.

You could call Kris calm, cool, and collected — she seems to roll with the punches, always ready to accommodate, or at least consider, whatever request her customers make. Her favorite Cookies by Design product? “Simple,” Kris said. “It’s whatever is the perfect fit for the customer I’m trying to help at the moment.”

Cookies by Design Beaverton, ORKris also prides herself on her shop’s communication skills. “We proactively question and communicate with our customers so that we know what their needs and expectations are for the gift they are ordering.” Kris believes this is important to ensure that the shop doesn’t make promises it can’t keep — she’ll never offer an item the store can’t deliver. Her team is specially trained to work with customers on the phone and anticipate the details of an order, so nothing goes amiss in the production phase.

The next time you find yourself in Beaverton, stop by Kris’s shop and order the cookie gift of your dreams; we guarantee she won’t let you down.

Cookies by Design Beaverton, OR

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