June 10, 2015

Give your King of the Grill a Great Father’s Day Gift

Dad and Son Grilling

Father’s day is coming up soon and we have come up with some great father’s day gift ideas for the dad that loves to grill.

Nothing says I love you like a handmade card, especially from the kiddos. This one fits the bill for the king of the grill. All you need is a black marker, yellow paper, paint, glue and a plastic fork.


Spoil your grill-master with all the right tools to create his pièce de résistance. Here are just a few cool ideas:

  1. Personalized prep plates. This is another DIY project that can involve the kids as well. Find some square white plates, porcelain paint pen and let your creativity take over. Once dry, the plates will need to bake at 300 degrees for 35 minutes or follow the instructions on the paint pen.
  2. Monogrammed Steak Brand. Perfect for those backyard chefs that want to sign their name to their masterpieces. He can sear his initials right into steaks and chops.
  3. Grill Spatula. Find a really nice grill spatula then add a tag that says “Dad, I/We Flippin’ Love You”spatula
  4. Cutting Board. A durable wood cutting board is a must for the king of the grill. You can even get it engraved and it will look so nice, it could double as a serving tray.
  5. Customized Apron. Every chef needs an apron and there are many options out there to get one personalized but this could also be another craft project!

king of the grill apron

Being King of the Grill means that someone else provides dessert, so we even have the perfect solution for that. We offer several great Father’s Day cookie gift options that have the King of the Grill theme.

  1. King of the Grill Cookie Bouquet or Boutray™ – With cookies shaped as hamburgers, hot dogs, a grill and more, your dad will eat this gift up!King of the Grill Boutray
  2. King of the Grill Gift Basket – Includes 1 or 2 decorated cookies and a selection of our gourmet cookies.
  3. King of the Grill Cookie Cake – This giant chocolate chip cookie is perfect for Father’s day and keeping with the grill theme.King of the Grill Cookie Cake
  4. King of the Grill Cookie Tray – This is a great option when you are celebrating with a crowd. Each tray includes six decorated sugar cookies and one dozen assorted gourmet cookies. Bring Dad a gift that everyone can enjoy.

Father’s Day is a time to really show Dad’s how much they are appreciated, especially with gifts that you know he’ll love. All of the Father’s Day gift ideas listed here and more are on our Pinterest page or head over to www.cookiesbydesign.com to order a King of the Grill themed cookie gift today!

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