November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

A372---Harvest-Happiness---7Many of those at Cookies by Design remember the Thanksgiving tradition of going around the dinner table, each family member and guest listing the two or three things they were most thankful for. Often, children list their favorite foods right along side Mom, Dad, and Grandpa – proof that meals are memorable!

Thanksgiving is no exception. The food is comforting, warm, and rich with the season’s bounty; the table colorful and inviting with decorative gourds, orchids and forget-me-nots, and of course, BouTrays from Cookies by Design.

Oh no — did you forget the cookies? Fear not! We’re offering a special promo code this holiday so you can fill that empty spot on your Thanksgiving table and everyone will end the dinner on a sweet and high note:

10% Off Cookie Bouquet of the Month (Harvest Happiness A372, B372)
Promo Code: NOVCM14
Valid until 11/30/14

Come Thanksgiving 2015, everyone will surely be thanking you for the memorable, beautiful cookies.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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