December 2, 2014

Day 2: Smart Cookie: Holiday Party Outfit Tips

CookiesByDesign_Blog_PostDetail_Day2The holiday season can be draining on our energy and our wallets. If your social calendar is booked but you still want to wow the party room, here are a few tricks to add some glitz to your wardrobe without emptying your bank account.

Red lipstick goes a long way, and can turn what might be a blase winter white shift into a striking outfit. Don’t be afraid to apply a crimson shade!

  1. Hit up the thrift store. If conversation-grabbing jewelry is your thing, you can find amazing costume pieces at almost any thrift or vintage shop, for about a quarter of the price you might pay for something new.
  2. Host a clothing party. Your friends almost definitely have dresses and outfits they are sick of, and you probably feel the same, so why not swap for the season? While you’re all hanging out, might as well snack on some cookies!
  3. Make your own baubles. If you’ve got a teenage daughter in the house, enjoy an evening of jewelry-making; you can buy beads and faux crystals at any craft store, and this way you can customize earrings, necklaces and more to your liking!
  4. Details, details, details. If all you’ve got is a classic black dress, paint your nails with gold glitter polish. Look for stunning up-do tutorials for your hair. Wear your highest heels and walk into the room with all your confidence: you’ll be the belle of the ball.

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