April 16, 2013

How to Present Cookies for a Garden Party

Spring has sprung!  Once again Mother Nature shows off its vibrant colors by flourishing flowers in charming gardens.  This is a perfect time to host a garden party and to capture those whimsical colors in amazing cookie settings. Here are some great ideas to present cookies in an extraordinary garden party:

Present cookies in a Jar

This is one of the easiest ways to add a twist on cookie presentation.

Fill a jar with colorful spring cookies. Make sure that the jar is big enough to fit about 15 or 20 cookies. Once the jar is filled, you can decorate a spring-themed covering for the lid of the jar. To do the covering, make a circle on a paper using a round plate. Then, glue the circle onto a piece of colorful fabric. Green, yellow and red are great colors for spring. Cut out the circle with sewing scissors. Lastly, wrap the piece of fabric on the jar rim with

Use a Glass Vase to Display Cookies

How to Present Cookies for a Garden PartyGlass vases can be used to graciously decorate a tray of cookies.

For the vase filling, cut three lemons into small and thick slices. Set whole lemons in the glass vase. Now, assemble lemon slices between the glass vase and the whole lemons. Repeat this step until the glass vase is completed. Fill the glass vase with water. Now, lay a plate on the top of the glass with waxed paper and fill with eye-catching spring cookies.

Set-up a Spring Table

The months of April and May are perfect for bright colors to display the beauty of spring to an ordinary table.

Start by placing a flowered table cloth or colorful place-mats on the table.  Place a plate on each place-mat  Put together spirited napkin rings by adding flowers to them.  To make flower napkin rings, pick real flowers (silk flowers work great too) and glue them to bracelets. Set up a spring cookie bouquet in the middle of the table as a unique touch.

These are just a few ideas to get stunning results and reactions when presenting cookies at a special garden party. Cookies by Design offers an assortment of flower-shaped cookies that will fit any themed garden party!


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