September 29, 2014

It’s National Cookie Month!

It Feels Like Our Birthday!

What defines a cookie? A formal definition might read: a small, flat, baked dessert, usually containing flour, eggs, sugar and butter, and often including the addition of chocolate chips, nuts, or icing. Of course, cookies have evolved from this basic definition over the years, and since Cookies by Design is a leader of innovative cookie flavors and choices, we thought we would bring you a short history of the cookie’s presence in the world.

Cookie-like treats have existed as long as baking has been documented, but in their earlier stages were much less sweet than we know them today and were more like biscuits. We believe the origins to be 7th century Persia, the same time that sugar hit the region. They quickly spread to Europe, and by the 14th century, they were all the rage, being served to Royal families as well as via street vendor.

Cookies finally made it to America in the 17th century from Europe (and boy, are we grateful!). The name namesake was Dutch, coming from the word “koekje,” which became Anglicized to “cooky” and finally the word we know today: cookie. Cookies now come in all kinds of styles, sizes and shapes, including bars, jam-filled, no-bake and sandwich.

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