February 20, 2013

Next At Bat: Baseball Cookies for Spring Training!

What do you do in the fall when there are no baseball games being played? You wait for spring, of course! Spring training is here, and the best teams in the nation are looking forward to the upcoming regular season.

Spring training has long been a regular practice of baseball teams around the country. As early as 1870, teams were gearing up for a new season by adding in extra practice games. The first known spring training session was when the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Chicago White Stockings held baseball camps in New Orleans in 1870. This allowed the teams and coaches to decide which veterans were nonessential and which rookies were more valuable. By 1900, spring training was a well-established baseball tradition. Since then, the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues have formed in Arizona and Florida as spring training sites. Long known as the American pastime, baseball continues to bring family and friends together every spring.

Next At Bat: Baseball Cookies for Spring Training!So how do you get the baseball fans in your life together for the beginning of the season? With personalized baseball themed cookie baskets or bouquets! These bouquets feature yummy sugar cookies shaped and decorated like baseballs, mitts, and of course a personalized message for the baseball lover in your life. If you decide to have more than a few guests over after a game, send them home with some baseball cookie favors! These creative and delicious party favors are sure to be a homerun hit with everyone.

Baseball has a long history of bringing Americans together throughout the years, so take the opportunity to get your family and friends together to experience another season of America’s favorite pastime.

Cookies by Design offers many different ways to support your favorite teams this baseball season, including baseball themed baskets and bouquets, party favors even sheet cookies and cookie cakes with your favorite team’s name and logo! Contact us today for your perfect game day treats. Play ball!

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