December 4, 2014

Day 4: Seven steps to a successful cookie exchange party


With so many familial obligations and all that traveling, it’s hard to make time for friends around the holidays. One way to sweetly show that you care is to host a cookie swap! If you don’t know, a cookie swap is a party where all guests bring a big batch of cookies, ideally baked from a secret family recipe, to share with others at the party. Everyone leaves with a gift box full of treats and recipes to use for the rest of the season!

  1. Make your invite list, and send our colorful, compelling invites. Our friends at can help you out if you want to be eco-friendly!
  2. Do your math. Once you’ve got all your RSVPs, make sure everyone knows to make enough cookies to swap and enough to taste at the party.
  3. Find several recipes to share with your kitchen-impaired friends.
  4. Create display tags for each kind of cookie; you can leave out metallic pens of different colors for the kids to help decorate.
  5. Make a packaging station for your guests to pack up and gift wrap their boxes of assorted cookies! Include ribbon, decorative stickers, and gift tags.
  6. For the day of the swap: make sure you have lots of serving plates and trays for everyone to showcase their cookies, as well as coffee and tea to keep stamina up. And for the kids: some cold milk!
  7. Don’t forget to have fun!

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