December 21, 2015

The Art of Gift Giving

Giving gifts can be one of the hardest things to do this holiday season! Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for your loved ones or trying to find the best deals for your end-of-the-year budget, things get complicated! Sometimes, we settle for the gift that will never let you down, no matter the occasion: THE GIFT CARD! Yet, with the great amount of creativity and consumer products in the world, there has to be a solution to giving the “right” gift, right? So, let’s take a step back from the quick sales and from the gift cards and truly try to understand the Art of Gift Giving.

You know that feeling you get when someone absolutely loves what you gave them? That is a feeling of pure joy because you have truly made someone happy and is what each new gift should bring to you if you have mastered the art of gift giving. This new sense of gift giving is not difficult and can be accomplished with 3 R’s. Realization, Research, and Reveal.

1. Realization.

Take a moment to see where you are in the gift-giving arena. There are many types of gift givers, which one are you? Here are a few to start you off:

  • Last Minute Gifter- the person who went shopping on Christmas Eve or early Christmas Day to “grab a few things”. Or, this may be the person who jumps up when they hear same day delivery for that one family member whom they forgot was coming home for the holidays!
  • “Guess Who” Gifter– the person who doesn’t really know what people like so they pick things that they like and randomly assign people to a gift by guessing.
  • Intellectual Gifter– the person who makes mental notes on every thing you like and dislike to make sure to pick out the perfect gift and find EXACTLY what you want or need in your life.
  • Improv Gifter– the creative person who makes a personalized gift (or maybe even puts together a basket/bag of things) and interprets the reason behind each piece
  • All-of-a-Sudden Gifter– the person who never usually gives anything, yet pulls a gift out of thin air this year
  • Common Gifter– the person who always gives commodity items that everyone needs to last them through the season. (Ex: gloves, socks, pens/pencils, calendars, etc.)

There may be many more gifters out there, so if you have one, help expand the list by sharing it in the comments below!

2. Research

Make a list of your recipients and set aside some time to get to know them better – with social media, you can browse around and find a great number of things about your recipients with a few clicks. See what interests they have, what pages they follow, etc. and you’ll have a list of items to choose from in no time!

The next step is to use that research and find a product that lines up with your list. This step really just requires you to use your online tools to search for that perfect gift. With all of the tools given in today’s age and all of the creative minds out there, you should be able to find an amazing gift that will surely make your recipients adore you!

3. Reveal

Once you have done your research and found the “right” gift, it’s time for the big reveal! How you give the gift to the person is solemnly up to you, but know that delivery is a key impression on how the gift is accepted. If you happen to deliver your gift in person (which is highly recommended), you allow a moment to debrief with the person and give a heart-filled message directly. Yet, if you are not able to deliver it in person, you can always find hand delivery from your various resources and leave a written message to tag along with your amazing gift.

Use these steps with a mix of your own style and we’re sure that your gifting skills will be an absolute pleasure this holiday season for you and yours! And remember, whether you want to send a Merry Christmas, a Happy Birthday, or a simple Thank You, Cookies by Design has a custom gift for your next special occasion. Find your unique gift here!

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