August 18, 2017

The New “Perfect Gift”

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift—but, what is the perfect gift? Money? Experiences? Food? Jewelry? Flowers? Household items? Stress no more, we’ve cracked the code for you! The (new) perfect gift has three parts:

Everyday usefulness + fun + a personal touch = The Perfect Gift

Easy-peasy, right? You might be wondering what that looks like wrapped up with a bow. We understand–we love amazing #giftinspo as much as the next gifting superstar, so we put together one of our favorite examples below.

(We want to hear your ideas, too! Tell us your Perfect Gift Formula in the comments!)

Wellness Day Gift

Have a friend that’s dealing with a difficult time in their life or weathering a disappointment? Give them a Wellness Day gift. Tough times call for tender measures for the person going through them.

A few hours of relaxation can help tremendously to regain focus, stay encouraged, and move forward. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to add yourself to your to-do list when life gets complicated.

This gift gives them items to help them focus on themselves with a well-needed dose of self-care, without adding to their already heavy schedule.

What you’ll need:

  • Monogrammed slippers, a robe, and/or mug in their favorite color or style. (We get ours here.)
  • Cookie Favors (Try these. You can also have any design you want made and delivered. We like keeping things easy.)
  • A fun journal and pen (We like these journals, and these pens.)
  • A gift bag, box, or fun tote bag. (These totes are too cute!)
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Marshmallows
  • An encouraging note, letter, or greeting card. (Speaking of greeting cards, we love these.)
  • Optional: Try tea and cookies (we’re crazy about the Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip ones), or a bag of their favorite coffee and cupcakes (we love the Chocolate Divine flavor) if he or she doesn’t enjoy hot cocoa. (Or all of the above. Yum!)

What to do:

  1. Place the above items in your gift bag, box, or tote.
  2. Give it to the recipient.
  3. Be awesome.

That’s it! You’ve created the Perfect Gift: useful, personal, creative, fun, and deeply caring.

(Feel free to add Gifting Rockstar to your resume.)


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