October 17, 2012

The Sweetest Day: Gifts to Help Those in Need

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those you love, and is celebrated around the world.  But did you know about the Sweetest Day?  Similar to Valentine’s Day, it’s celebrated with the colors pink and red.  Sweetest Day this year falls on October 20 and is a day to celebrate “occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed”.

Sweetest Day is associated with gifts closely related to Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped boxes, flowers, and candy.  These two days vary by intimacy.  Valentine’s Day is known to be about lovers.  Sweetest Day takes a more general air, and it celebrates friendships, loves, and family.

This year, Cookies by Design wants to help you celebrate those who have a close relationship with.  We have a cookie that fits the relationship you would like to show appreciation for:

Lots of Love

Wacky Hearts






You’re So Special





Ice Cream Cones

  Disney- Here’s the Scoop








Love Bug







Toadally Yours






Whether it is a co-worker, sister, or a great friend, Sweetest Day is a time to reflect on the times these special people were there for you.

Even though this day is attributed to Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy manufacturer, Sweetest Day has the potential to be a well-known and widely accepted holiday.  This day gives everyone a chance to celebrate the people who give meaning to you, for a second time in a year.

Cookies by Design wants you to show those in your life how much you care for them.  Our cookie designs will fit with any relationship that you have, to relay the thoughtful message to the people in your life.

We want you to tell us how you will commemorate the Sweetest Day with the ones you love and appreciate.  Post pictures about the gifts you give, big or small, and the story about why that person means so much to you.

Have the Sweetest Day be a regular tradition for your family, and let Cookies by Design be a part of your celebration.

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