May 10, 2013

Top 5 Ideas to Sweeten Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is here!  It’s a special day all about surrounding the mom in your life with love and special attention.  What do you have planned? Some children may want to prepare a special lunch or dinner for her, while others may already have a meaningful gift to honor her dedication. We think the way to mom’s heart is through her sweet tooth! Here are five ideas to sweeten your Mother’s Day.

Top 5  Ideas to Sweeten Mother’s Day

Say I love you in style.  Say it with cookies!

Cookies by Design offers one of a kind cookie arrangements for Mother’s Day.  Express all your feelings. From “Queen of Hearts” to let her know that she is the queen of the castle, or “Mom Rocks BouTray” to say that she rocks! You can say in style; say it with cookies!


Make an exceptional cake in her honor.

What is the cake that makes your mom’s mouth water? Maybe it’s a chocolate-raspberry tart, a lemony angel food cake, or a coconut layer cake. Whatever you choose for dear old mom, make sure to decorate your fresh baked creation with a nice mother’s day message.

Heart shaped chocolate cookies

Melt your mom’s heart with some other hearts – make some heart-shaped chocolate cookies to celebrate this Sunday! Chocolate cookies are irresistible and even more if they are heart shaped. You can make and decorate them yourself or buy them yourself. If your mom doesn’t like chocolate, Cookies by Design also has cookie decorating kits which include our scrumptious cinnamon brown sugar cookies for you to decorate and enjoy – you and your mom will have so much fun decorating them together!


 We know very few mothers who can resist some good chocolate. Tell mom to forget her diet for the day and indulge in a box of chocolates from her favorite candy maker. As a bonus, she’ll probably share the box with you – it’s a win-win situation!

 Fruit Salad

 Okay, so maybe mom won’t ditch her diet or she just doesn’t like sweets too much. Why not surprise her with a fresh made fruit salad. Even if you don’t know how to cook, it’s super easy to make. Just grab some bananas and apples along with some seasonal fruits and dice them up together. It will taste delicious and your mom will really appreciate all of your hard work.

These are just a few ideas to sweeten Mother’s Day and tell her how much you love her! Cookies by Design also allows you to create your own custom cookie bouquet with any decorated or gourmet cookies you desire.

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