April 30, 2013

Top 5 Mother’s Day Surprise Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here! Why not try something different to surprise her this year? Mother’s Day is a magnificent occasion to acknowledge mom’s dedication and love by surprising her with activities outside of her usual routine. Let us think about it for a moment.  What is that “special something” that the mom of your life enjoys doing, but because of her busy schedule she is no longer able to do?

These ideas to surprise her may work differently for every mom, but at the end of the day, the goal is to make her feel loved. Here are the top 5 ideas to surprise the mom in your life that will make her smile!

Give her an occasion to dress up

There are lots of activities that the mom of your life may love to do. Take her to a theater to a delightful comedy or musical to enjoy a good laugh! Or if she prefers, take her to a nice, fancy restaurant. Remember, the goal is to give her a special reason to feel elegant and glamorous. Women like to feel gorgeous and cared for!

Prepare a special bath for her

Show your creativity and imagination by making a relaxing bath for your mom! To create a cozy bath, use elements that you may have already at home. You will need:  bubble bath soap, bath oil, bath pillow, a warm robe and slippers (you can put them in the drier to keep them warm),  nature sounds, candles, aromatherapy infusers, flower petals and last but not least, a glass of her favorite wine!

Dance with her!

This tip is for her spouse. What was that meaningful song that you two fell in love to?  At the end of the day with the light dimmed and with the right atmosphere, you can ask her to dance with you. This will be your special way to say “I love you” to the mother of your kids!

Take her on a bike ride

Spring weather is beautiful. Make this outdoor activity special by enjoying with the whole family. If mom likes the colorful spring flowers, riding a bike will allow her to take a closer look at the beautiful flowers blooming!

Surprise her with a floral cookie gift

Top 5 Mother’s Day Surprise IdeasThis is a blooming unique way to express your personal sentiments for Mother’s Day. Cookies by Design offers a variety of fresh floral cookie gifts that can be customized with your special message. Brighten her day with a beautiful cookie bouquet!

You know the mom of your life better than anyone else and you will find a way to make her feel special on Mother’s Day. These are just a few surprise ideas to let her know how special and important she is. Make her day unforgettable!

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