October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Give Me Something Good to Eat

Halloween haunting begins when the sun sets.  Today we celebrate the ghoul in everyone, and we want to commemorate the eerie cookie designs that best depict the Halloween spirit.  Here are 12 designs we found to carry the day’s ghostly essence:

Wicked Witch of the West Cookies (via Purple Chocolate Home)

What’s better than a melted witch?




Spooky Spider Cookies (via Lilyshop)

Just imagine if these spiders were real.




Mummy Pops  (via How Does She?)

The inside might take you by surprise.




Eyeball Cookies (via Food.com)

These eyes are watching you.




Vampire Cookies (via Baking Bites)

These are simple, but you can tell that vampires love cookies too.




Jack-o-Lantern Cookies (via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle)

You can’t just eat one.




Halloween Fortune Cookies (via Paula Deen)

What will your guests think of their misfortune?




Ginger Frankenstein Cookies (via Betty Crocker)

The spice is like a bolt of lightning; it can bring your taste buds to life.



Witch Finger Cookies (via Recipe Girl)

If only real witches’ fingers tasted this good.




Tombstone Cookies (via MyRecipes)

At least there are no bodies buried under these tombstones.




Vampire Teeth Cookies (via Simple Home Gourmet)

Who knew vampires had dentures?




Meringue Bone Cookies (via Martha Stewart)

Somewhere a skeleton is walking without an arm bone.




“Witch” design makes your skin crawl? Cast your vote and tell us why you think your favorite design tops the others with the most Halloween spirit!

Do you think you’ve found another design that tops what we’ve found?  Post a picture on our Facebook or Google + page of the design you think is the creepiest!

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