February 8, 2017

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day has changed greatly over the centuries to become the day of cards, candies, and cookies we know and love. Originally, a festival celebrated on the 15th, Pope Gelasius I made it a memorial feast day for St. Valentine in 496. Unfortunately, to this do day—no one knows which one!

That’s right: There were three St. Valentines Pope Gelasius I could have had in mind! With such an unusual start, it took a poet—Chaucer—to officially link the holiday to love and romance. In 1381, the poet composed a love poem to honor a royal engagement. According to the tradition of the time, he linked the poem and engagement to an official feast day—St. Valentine’s Day.

Chaucer had a large impact on Valentine’s Day: beautiful, handmade cards of ribbon and lace, featuring romantic designs and cherubs with romantic messages soon followed. Interestingly, the holiday was slow to catch on in the United States. It wasn’t until the 1850s when Esther A. Howland began mass producing the cards that Valentine’s Day took off in America.

Overtime, cards and gifts were exchanged leading to the plethora of yummy, heart-felt treats we indulge our loved ones with each year—and we’re here to make this year even sweeter than the last. Treat friends and family to a perfect dose of rosy, red cheer with our gourmet Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip Cookie Basket or BouTray.

Red Velvet Cookie Basket

Try a new take on an old V-Day classic—a dozen roses with our Sweetheart Roses Cookie Bouquet or BouTray.

One Dozen Cookie Roses Bouquet

Send your young friends and family a sweet, heartfelt treat with a smile with our Love Bug, I’ll “Bee” Yours Forever, Wacky Hearts or Sweet Emoji Cookie bouquets, BouTrays, and baskets.

Lady Bug BouquetLady Bug Bouquet

Wacky Hearts BouquetEmoji Hearts Bouquet

Our Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Kits are another great way to make (yummy) memories.

Valentine's Day Heart Decorating Kit

Our Lots of Love and Sweet Valentine Cookie bouquets, BouTrays, and baskets come with exactly that (and delicious cookies).

Valentine's Day HeartValentine's Day Heart Bouquet

Our Conversation Hearts or “Toadally” Yours Cookie bouquets, Boutrays, and baskets are the perfect way to send a sweet sentiment.

Valentine's Day HeartValentine's Day Heart Bouquet

Want to try something new? Surprise your loved one with a box of scrumptious brownie truffles in Chocolate, Lemon, Toffee, or Peanut Butter with stylish stripes of silky red icing. Or send our massive Triple The Love Cookie Cake.

Box of TrufflesValentine's Day Heart Bouquet

Or show you care with our exciting new Build-A-Bear Valentine’s Day Cookie Basket, from our latest collaboration with Build-A-Bear. Featuring a full size—sixteen inch—cuddly teddy in an adorable t-shirt surrounded by our signature buttery sugar cookies or our decadent gourmet cookies, there’s no better way to say: “I love You,” this year.

Valentine's Day Build-a-Bear Cookie Bouquet

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